Postmodern War: The New Politics of Conflict

Guilford Press: US, Routledge: UK, 1997

This book is three rewrites from my doctoral dissertation, "Computers as Weapons and Metaphors: The U.S. Military 1940-1990 and Postmodern War" for the History of Consciousness Board of Studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, accepted in 1991.

It has been published in Turkish as Postmodern Savas and Chinese, so I am told.

The basic framework of this book underlies Peace, War and Computers (2005), which updates the postmodern war movement (TerrorWar, this Second Cold War, and the perpetual revolution in military affairs) and looks deeply at how technoscience is changing the contemporary peace movement as well. My latest essay specifically on contemporary war and peacemaking, "Postmodern War at Peak Empire" was published in Science as Culture in late 2007. It gives an overview of the key conclusions of the first two books along with a special update on the weaknesses of the U.S. Empire and it introduces the concept of Peak Empire.

There is much talk these days about Peak Oil, and it is a real enough crisis. Our days are rich with crisis--global warming, pandemics, resource depletion, globalized injustice, postmodern war. We have reached a point of political and ecological insustainability. It is the same for the world's politics. We can call it Peak Empire.
Chris Hables Gray, "postmodern war at peak empire", science as culture, vol. 16, no. 2: 109-128

My most recent writing on war is very specific: "Why we cannot win in Iraq" from Fall 2008. The reason? We have already lost five different ways!

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